Brainies Club


Adonis Zouk Mosbeh
Telephone: +961 3 983239
Telephone: +961 3 493181

About Brainies Club

Brainies Club is a club for kids aged 3 to 14. Kids come to Brainies Club to play, learn, study, do activities and enjoy their time. Our team speaks fluent French and English. Nurseries and schools can visit Brainies Club to do various games and enjoy a nice atmosphere.

Activities of Brainies Club

Brainies Club welcomes kids from 3 to 14 years old for:
- After-school
- Activity classes: Genius MAP - AC MAS (Mental Calculation Education), Zumba kids, Yoga kids, Painting,...
- Camps (Colonie)
- That's not all! With its large outdoor garden, spacious indoors and entertaining animation, Brainies Club is a great place making your children's birthday the most memorable day!

Brainies Club has a team of skilled animators who are professional in the field of entertainment. We combine talent and creativity innovating your kids' birthday parties, summer camps, social events, etc...


Colonie de Vacances 3
What a better place than Brainies club with its stunning garden and indoor for summer activities! Kids are welcomed in Summer and during schools vacation at Brainies Club. The program combines summer activities, indoor and outdoor sports, competitions, and special events carefully planned by our educational team.


Birthdays at Brainies!
Have your child's next birthday party at Brainies club! If you've looking for a special place to celebrate your kid's birthday, Brainies is your destination! Our all inclusive birthday parties offer a day of fun at Brainies club without all the stress of planning a party. Our staff does all the work!

Genius MAP ®

Brain-boosting Program
Genius MAP ® is an international powerful brain development program that teaches math in a simple and fast way, making kids interested in calculation. Brainies Club is proud of its Genius MAP students who ranked first in championships in national and international competitions in Lebanon and worldwide.