Brainies Club


Adonis Zouk Mosbeh
Telephone: +961 3 983239
Telephone: +961 3 493181


In a space of 1100 m2, our children change and grow healthily. A sunny garden of 400 m2 equipped with outdoor games is available to our children. We welcome kids coming from school. They arrive, eat a healthy meal, and then start working on their homework. Our teachers will check, correct and help with their homework. When they finish their homework, they can play or do activities.

Healthy Meal




Our schedule during school days
On a normal school day, Brainies Club opens its doors for after-school at 1pm.
Parents can choose the schedule they prefer:
--> 3pm
--> 4pm
--> 5pm
--> 6pm

School Holidays

Our schedule during holidays
On a school holiday, Brainies Club opens its doors at 7:30am. Kids will enjoy a day full of fun, play, and actvities. A healthy lunch is also served. We also have special programs depending on the holiday theme.


Brainies Club offers a wide range of Activities
- Zumba Kids
- Yoga Kids
- Painting classes
- Gymnastics
- Dance
- Genius MAP ®