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Brainies Birthday

We know you've problably got some questions about how a Birthday at Brainies works. We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if not, just give us a call: 03-983239 or 03-493181

  1. Have your child's next birthday party at Brainies club!
    If you've looking for a special place to celebrate your kid's birthday, Brainies is your destination!
    Our all inclusive birthday parties offer a day of fun at Brainies club without all the stress of planning a party. Our staff does all the work!
    Welcome to a whole new world of entertainment. From children's birthday & holidays parties to festivals and events, our world is a world filled with no hassle, 100% family-friendly characters, featuring the ABSOLUTE BEST in quality entertainment. Brainies club is a world where you can rest assured that the entertainment you hire will make your event an incredible success. (And lots of fun!!!)
    Welcome to our world of entertainment where it 's all about fun.
    Nothing brings a group together like playing games. The Brainies club offers various children's activities, games, balloons, sing along, karaoke, Crazy hair, Temp tattoos, Craft, Act-along, musician, creative workshops and more...
    Whether you want to host a simple or elaborate event, selecting a party game from this list above is a great start to a perfect birthday party.